Ed Sheeran To Drop An Aussie Bombshell Tonight

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Ed Sheeran To Drop An Aussie Bombshell Tonight

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If you're anĀ @EdSheeran fan, you're probably already across this, but at 10pm tonight, all signs point to a massive announcement surrounding the english singer/songwriter and a potential Aussie tour.

Frontier Touring recently changed their profile picture to reflect Ed's Divide album cover, with a cheeky kangaroo and kiwi symbol making an appearance.


Now we're no rocket scientists, but it's safe to say that it looks like an Aussie and NZ tour is to be announced tonight, 10PM our time!

In fact, we found this in the comments section and it's pretty much a given. We've even highlighted the bit that gives it away.

Despite our excitement, Ed seems to have plans to lie low for a little while... before he tours?


As soon as ticketing details become available, we will let you know.

Written by: @dantheinternut

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