EXCLUSIVE: Perth Songwriter's Brilliant First Single Released

Hear it here

Local singer/songwriter Davey Craddock is back with the first single from his second album, called 'One Punch'.

The album is set for release in April, and sees the return of a bloke that had the legend that is Don Walker himself request he play live.

The track itself, well, we'll let the press release tell you all about it:

"One Punch is about a world (and perhaps a songwriter) confused, angry and stumbling over itself. The song is set in 'that corner' of every major city where young people are regularly felled by senseless violence. Kebab in hand and blurry eyed, the protagonist leads us down a taxi rank as each bloodied customer is given their chance to explain themselves and their bruises. What the hell are these people so angry about? What are we all so angry about? What the f@ck is going on?

Try drink some water. Call if you can’t get home. Let's talk in the morning."


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Written by: @dantheinternut