Footage Of P!nk Trapezing Through Perth Arena Is Next Level!

What a performer!

We've banged on all week about how great P!nk is as a live performer.

If the social media stream through Perth on Tuesday wasn't enough indication of just how much P!nk means to Perth, then surely the lengths some of her biggest fans are going to in order to show the love is enough to convince you. First there was the woman who decorated her car everything P!nk, then the mother slash daughter team who are handing out the means to turn Perth Arena literally pink tonight!

Some footage we found of the effort P!nk put in on the trapeze in order to take it to the fans literally blew our minds. It's awesome!

What's more... she barely misses a note... now THAT's performance!

P!nk's got two more shows... tonight and tomorrow night at Perth Arena.


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Written by: @dantheinternut