INXS KICK 30th Anniversary Exclusive

An Aussie rock classic

INXS KICK 30th Anniversary Exclusive Image: KICK album cover, supplied

INXS celebrate the 30th anniversary of their sixth and most successful studio album Kick this year - the release that catapulted them into international superstardom.

To mark the milestone, the band deliver a special deluxe edition of the multiplatinum collection on November 3 and we're paying tribute to this monumental album, Friday 3rd November from 9am, and INXS Essential Vinyl Weekend 

Our sister station's Vicki Poupounaki, from Triple M, reflects on the classic record; 

Released on October 19 1987, Kick by INXS featured four top 10 hits, Need You Tonight, Devil Inside, New Sensation and Never Tear Us Apart, which peaked, respectively, at #1, #2, #3 and #7 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Despite stories the label hated the album at first, Kick topped charts all over the world, reaching #3 on the Billboard 200 chart and reportedly selling 20 million copies worldwide.

Other highlights include the only cover ever to make it on an INXS album, The Loved Ones’ The Loved One, previously released by the band in 1981.

Speaking to Ugly Phil on Triple M, Tim Farriss admits he was to blame for giving the idea to producer Chris Thomas.

Loved Ones leader Gerry Humphrys (who was working as a bartender at the time) was overjoyed, “he bought a car” out of royalties.

Upon hearing it was added to Kick “he went nuts…then there was a live version on Live Baby Live, and another live version …I’m sure he got quite a few cars”.

In return, the reformed Loved Ones covered I Send A Message as payback. INXS liked it so much they beefed up their own version for Wembley.


The expanded INXS KICK 30 set features three CDs and a Blu-ray disc, including bonus remixes, alternate versions, demos, B-sides, live performances, videos and more. It was the Need You Tonight remix that finally broke INXS in the UK, while the band had already enjoyed a top 5 hit in the US with What You Need from Listen Like Thieves. The Brits were slow to catch on the INXS: NME had called the previous album “INXplicable” and the band “INX-cusable”.

The KICK 30th Anniversary Edition, mixed using breakthrough immersive sound quality Dolby Atmos® by producer Giles Martin and Sam Okell at Abbey Road Studios, a technique described by the band: "like a horse shoe, so what you hear from the front and over your head is cinematic". This release contains the original album remastered and two other CDs featuring various bonus tracks. In addition, a special half-speed remaster two-LP vinyl version of Kick, pressed on 180-gram vinyl and available to buy online.


All 11 original songs on KICK were written by Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence. 

"Classic, fabulous pop songs that jump out of the speakers, now more than ever before!"..."The latest INXS vinyl cuts are an outstanding sonic achievement, especially the Kick album. I was truly amazed to hear INXS' recordings sounding so incredibly fresh, clear and kick-ass, like vinyl on steroids..." says the INXS guitarist on the 30th Anniversary edition.

INXS KICK 30 is the first in a series of special releases for the Iconic Australian rock band, who also mark the 40th anniversary of their formation and 20 Years since the shock death of their superstar frontman Michael Hutchence.

KICK 30th Anniversary Edition available here