Molly Meldrum Statue Unveiled, Presented By Eddie McGuire

Respecting an icon

Molly Meldrum Statue Unveiled, Presented By Eddie McGuire Image: Molly Meldrum, Luke Sutton.

Music icon and everyone’s favourite Molly Meldrum was honoured with a statue in Melbourne today.

The music industry great was immortalised in a ceremony hosted by Triple M Melbourne’s Eddie McGuire.

Crowded with rock fans, Melbourne identities and musicians including Russell Morris and Dan Sultan the legend was overwhelmed by the honour.

Hosting this momentous event, Eddie McGuire recognised Molly's passion for music, sport and his friends saying: 
“He has influenced more lives, supported more people, when somebody is down on their luck Molly Meldrum is there to give them a helping hand and a warm hug”.

Listen to Eddie McGuire, Michael Gudinski and Molly Meldrum talk at the ceremony:

The brass statue is located on Wangaratta Street Park, next to the iconic live music venue- The Corner Hotel, Richmond, with Molly insisting his much loved dog Ziggy was to be included with him in the statue.


Along with the statue, the ‘Wall Of Music’ mural was launched- a visual appreciation of the lush live music scene.

We sent Triple M’s Rosie along to the ceremony:

A veritable who’s who of Melbourne gathered at a triangle of Richmond known as the Wangaratta Street Park for the unveiling of a statue of music identity Ian “Molly” Meldrum.

Many of us have had our lives shaped from watching Countdown, or later even with his reviews on Hey Hey It’s Saturday, but his enthusiasm started earlier than that being ejected from The Beatles concert for being just that - “too enthusiastic”. Thankfully it didn’t stop him and he has made a life of being too enthusiastic and we are all richer for it.

Acting as a roadie, writing for legendary music magazine GoSet, learning the craft of music engineering and later producing music for Hush, The Master’s Apprentices and more Molly famously produced Russell Morris’ classic track The Real Thing.

Michael Gudinski using that to describe his friend Molly as he started his tribute: “You are the real thing. (Producing) music that stands the test of time. Not shit like Milli Vanilli”

Seen for decades on television he has quite possibly interviewed everyone of merit in music worldwide and championed younger acts coming through as well. Even coming into Triple M when a young British performer released an album in 2006 that featured a song “Rehab” urging us all with his famous catch cry to get around a hot new talent, Amy Winehouse. She proved to be a massive star well after he picked it.

Politicians and friends paid tribute to the generous spirit of Molly, many dedicated fans there too, keen to see “The Man In The Hat” who hasn’t enjoyed the best of health recently after some well-publicised falls.

Friend and fan Eddie McGuire elicited tears from the 75 year old as he talked of Molly encapsulating the spirit of Melbourne “he has influenced more lives, supported more people, when somebody is down on their luck Molly Meldrum is there to give them a helping hand and a warm hug”.

The 75 year old has had some well-publicised health scares in recent years it was a champion effort to see him on the stage and being as self-deprecating as ever. Explaining how he almost refused to sit for the statue, by artist Louis Lauman.

Adjacent to the band room doors of The Corner Hotel, Molly’s legacy as a pioneer and champion of music will stand forever, overseeing a new precinct celebrating local music with the railway wall now covered in band artwork highlighting acts such as Killing Heidi, The Cat Empire, Adalita, Northlane and Courtney Barnett.

In a ceremony straight after the statue unveiling, Molly was also inducted into the Music Victoria Hall of Fame.

It’s a big thumbs up to you, Molly Meldrum.