That Time INXS Spoke About Their Time In Perth

Rare footage

That Time INXS Spoke About Their Time In Perth

As we begin to process the fact that it's almost 20 years since the late, great Michael Hutchence left our world way too soon, we've begun looking around for bits and pieces of him and INXS doing what they did back in the '80s and early '90s, and that's take on the world.

We're pretty excited to say we found this little nugget of gold, an appearance on an institution of American TV, American Bandstand.



As you will see, host Dick Clark (America's version of Molly Meldrum, Richard Wilkins and Glenn A. Baker all wrapped up into one) quizzes the band on their very early days living in Perth. Hutchence himself admits that he left the family home to move all the way from Sydney to our little city, which back in the late '70s, was a little city.

(Just quietly, props to Dick for his knowledge of Australian geography. Especially considering this was pre-internet).

Of course, one half of the band hail from Perth, and at the time, the Farriss family were coming back to their home town after living in Sydney for some years. Jon Farriss, the drummer, was only a teenager and had to follow his family home.

The band followed suit, and the rest is history.

On the show, INXS played This Time and What You Need live. Now, we can't find that footage sadly, so here's What You Need live and rocking in Japan. Just because.



Written by: @dantheinternut

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