1 Year Since We Lost David Bowie

How he continues to influence the world

1 Year Since We Lost David Bowie

Image: www.facebook.com/davidbowie

January 10, 2016 the world lost a star- David Bowie passed away just two days after his 69th Birthday.

The news rattled the world and influenced musicians all over the globe to show their love to the late musical genius, David Bowie.

1 year on we have found the top 4 ways Bowie still lives in music today;

  • The Ugly Kings- Lazarus cover.
    The 4 piece blues rock band were asked to join an epic line up of musicians to pay tribute to the star man by performing the 2016 single Lazarus live, it has since taken off and been a live favourite for the Australian rock band.

  • Iggy Pop- Post Pop Depression.
    Once upon time Iggy Pop and David Bowie were best of friends.
    They collaborated with each other known as the ‘Berlin Days’ and influenced one another best work.
    After the death of Bowie, Iggy Pop released the chart topping record ‘Post Pop Depression’ that has strong influence from his time spent with David Bowie.

  • ‘The Boss’.
    On the opening night of his epic 2016 The River Tour, Bruce Springsteen spoke of his influence of Bowie and paid tribute to him.

  • Michael Stipe's Return To Stage.

    Only the passing of Bowie can get the once retired R.E.M singer Michael Stipe back to the live music scene in a heart felt performance in New York, encouraging the singer’s return to music.