UNEARTHED: The Greatest Oils Videos Of All Time

They're all rippers!

UNEARTHED: The Greatest Oils Videos Of All Time

Image: www.youtube.com/user/MidnightOilVEVO

Aussie legends Midnight Oil take over Triple M from 9am to 4pm today, playing their favourite songs.  

So to get you pumped, the Triple M Club members scoured the archives to unearth the Top 10 GREATEST Oils videos of all time.

Starting with the utterly brilliant... Power and the Passion
This 1982 single was filmed in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Woolloomooloo and is the only Oils song to feature a drum solo.

Best Of Both Worlds
The single from ‘Red Sails in the Sunset’ the 1984 film clip encompasses all the band are about; an energetic live performance, political matters and trippy imagery like a BBQ on the moon…..

US Forces
The sun is setting, it's what Oils fans love best is Oils live and it's on the Sydney Harbour.

Beds Are Burning
The single that charted around the world, the film clip showcases various scenes in Australian culture.

Read About It
Released in 1982, like the song the film clip is a stab at the Australian media. 

Forgotten Years
The 1990 worldwide hit single’s film clip pats tribute to the war.

Blue Sky Mine
The opening track on 1990 release Blue Sky Mining, not only showcases some classic Garret dance moves, but the hot, dry Australian land.

Released in 1989, captures the Aussie culture perfectly; surf, swimming, the car in the garage and the constructional build up on our beautiful coast lines.

Short Memory
This touching, live clip shows the intensity and passion the band put into each performance.

The song sang by drummer Rob Hirst, this live clip filmed in the bands home town, Sydney.

Looking forward to seeing what is coming up from Midnight Oil tomorrow:

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