AC/DC Legend Malcolm Young Being Farewelled Today

Rock In Peace

AC/DC Legend Malcolm Young Being Farewelled Today Twitter - @NourHaydar

Family and friends of rock legend Malcolm Young have arrived at Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral to farewell the AC/DC guitarist.

Hundreds of mourners gathered at the Catholic church, including Young's brother, Angus, another co-founder of the heavy metal rock band.

Eulogies will be read by Bradley Horsburgh and David Albert. AC/DC was managed by the Albert family from the band's beginnings in Sydney in 1973.

Malcolm Young, who made his name as guitarist and songwriter with the seminal Australian rock group, died on November 18 aged 64 after a period of ill health.

He is survived by his wife Linda and their children Ross and Cara.

Tuesday's funeral comes as Australia's best musical talent gathers in Sydney for the ARIA Awards.