Alice Cooper Reveals Rock Stars Bizarre Pre-Show Rituals

Fly fishing, ironing, knife throwing!

Alice Cooper Reveals Rock Stars Bizarre Pre-Show Rituals Image: Alice Cooper

Talking to Dave Grohl on the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween special, shock rock singer Alice Cooper revealed bizarre pre-show rituals that helps a busy touring schedule.

The rocker, who somewhat suitably throws knives before a show confessed it’s a frontman thing to calm the nerves, saying; “Every singer I know has some sort of weird idiosyncrasy”.

He goes on to out his fellow musician friends weird habits with The Who’s Roger Daltrey fly fishing in his room and Peter Frampton irons, joking he’d throw his clothes into his room, before revealing his own hobby of knife throwing.

Cooper, who’s busy touring schedule has lead him to be quite good at the knives revealed he aims at a different face each day, the video revealing his target for the night- Matt Damon.

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On the special guest appearance, Alice Cooper played "Ballad of Dwight Fry" and "Killer" with Foo Fighters as his band, with a killer finale! 



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