'Ceres' Melbourne Show Review

Australia's Most Exciting Up And Comers

'Ceres' Melbourne Show Review

Photos: Matt Walter

Melbourne band Ceres confirmed their status as one of Australia’s most exciting up and coming rock bands with a packed-out performance at Melbourne’s Max Watt’s House of Music.

Punters knew they were in for a night of killer locally produced rock when the boys from The Smith Street Band stepped out for a secret gig as the warm-up act to their mates.

And fresh off the back of The Smith Street Band’s massive hit “Death To The Lads”, Ceres delighted the crowd from the first riff.

Kicking off with Laundry Echo from last years LP ‘Drag It Down To You’, the full-to-brim Max Watt’s was pumping.

The local boys then rolled straight into ‘Happy In Your Head’ their hit single from Drag It Down To You, before addressing their home crowd with ample delight.

Self described as uncool, unknown and unabashed, the boys from Ceres are doing their best to have all those descriptions thrown out the window as they fast become one of the coolest bands on the local scene, evidenced by the jam packed venue.

Australia’s punk, alt rock scene has arguably never been healthier thanks to The Smith Street Band, Violent Soho and co., but Ceres have seemed to take it to another level since their debut LP in 2014, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Here’.

The boys ripped through their set with a mixture of unequivocal ease and an ability to go off on live tangents, and it’s speaks volumes that they can call upon The Smith Street Band’s Will Wagner to join them on their new single Stretch Your Skin, which was my personal highlight of the night.

Tom Lanyon’s frontman abilities where on full display as he took on a solo to kickstart the band’s encore before they ripped into the title track from their original LP release ‘Jam Song’ to finish off an electric set.

The band is set to take a short break from live performances, but when they kick start their live sets again, do yourself a favour and see Ceres live; you’ll realise how healthy Australia’s local rock scene is.