Check Out The New Muse Song Here

Thought Contagion

Check Out The New Muse Song Here Image: Muse

Muse haven’t finished recording their new album, but that hasn’t stopped them dropping a new single.

Their new track, named Thought Contagion, is the second single from the upcoming record after Dig Down, which they released last year.

It’s slightly less bombastic than the over-the-top productions we’ve come to expect from Muse, but still no less huge.

Lead singer Matt Bellamy told Rolling Stone that it was inspired by the current global political climate, with particular reference to America.

“We're living in an age where these sort of ideologies, people's belief systems, whether they are true or false, are getting a lot of air time, especially ones on the false side,” he said.

“I think that we're living in an unusual period where a lot of airtime is being given to crazy ideas.”

Check out the video here, with a zombie motif that even ends in a Thriller-inspired choreographed dance: