Dave Grohl Loses It Over Fan's Epic "Monkey Wrench" Performance

Plucked from the crowd

Dave Grohl Loses It Over Fan's Epic "Monkey Wrench" Performance John Scurek/ YouTube

Remember that time Dave Grohl plucked a bloke from the crowd at the Fooies' Brisbane gig back in January and got him on stage to perform Monkey Wrench?

Well the frontman was back at it again at a recent show in Austin, Texas, spotting a guy in full KISS make-up and holding a sign that said "Monkey Wrench" in the audience.

Yayo Sanchez, who Grohl immediately dubbed "KISS Guy", seemed to have spent his entire life preparing for this very moment; after jumping on stage with his own guitar pick, Sanchez promptly grabbed a guitar and just went for it.

We're talking running from one side of the stage to the other, headbanging harder than Grohl himself and chucking in a couple of windmills just because.

But it was Sanchez's absolutely insane guitar solo that rendered Grohl speechless - literally. 

Check out the moment the Foo Fighters legend forgot the lyrics to arguably the band's biggest hit and just lost it.

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