Ed Sheeran Reveals Tattoo Typo


Ed Sheeran Reveals Tattoo Typo

Image: Ed Sheeran

The heavily tattooed singer songwriter Ed Sheeran has revealed one of this more recent tattoos is misspelt.

Ed revealed to his audience during his Divide tour that the tattoo, a tribute to his latest single ‘Galway Girl’ is misspelt to read Galway Grill.

The song title, written on Ed’s arm by actress Saoirse Ronan, who also stars in the film clip was a piss take, but he loves it.

Ed told the crowd, "The tattoo actually says Galway Grill G-R-I-L-L. She really took the piss out of me."

Although this tattoo is making headlines since news broke, there is no images of the tattoo yet, or maybe we can’t find the tattoo amongst the other tatts Ed has covering his body.