Greatest Couples In Rock’N’Roll

Valentine’s Day special

Greatest Couples In Rock’N’Roll

Image: Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, credit: Daily Mail

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year we’ve put together the top couples in rock’n’roll history.

Kurt & Courtney- the grunge pin up kids.

Fleetwood Mac- let’s be honest, the whole band got it on at one point.

Tommy & Pammy- the most rock’n’roll couple in history (we won't post 'that' video).

Jani Lane & Bobbie Brown (the Cherry Pie girl)- they met on set, fell in love, now she has a T.V show about being his ex.

Jack & Meg White- were they lovers, were they related?

Liam & Noel Gallagher- amongst the hate they loved each other almost as much as they loved themselves.