Greta Van Fleet Release New Album 'Anthem Of The Peaceful Army'

Their debut album lives up to the hype

Greta Van Fleet Release New Album 'Anthem Of The Peaceful Army' Supplied

The Michigan Rock group that have been compared to Led Zeppelin have just released their new album, entitled 'Anthem Of The Peaceful Army', and it's an impressive follow-up to their EP.

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 Greta Van Fleet stormed the music world last year with the likes of "Highway Tune", their first single and the first track from their EP 'Black Smoke Rising', which was released in April 2017. Shortly after, they released a second EP, 'From the Fires', which included an additional four tracks.

In the lead-up to their album release, they released 5 consecutive singles accompanied by themed artwork. Now at long last, they have released 'Anthem Of The Peaceful Army', their first full-length studio album. The album consists of 11 tracks, at a total of 49 minutes. Bass guitarist Sam Kiszka has described the release as a concept album, posing environmental questions alongside contrasting themes of humanity and greed. ( 

Track listing:
1. Age Of Man
2. The Cold Wind
3. When The Curtain Falls
4. Watching Over
5. Lover, Leaver
6. You're The One
7. The New Day
8. Mountain Of The Sun
9. Brave New World
10. Anthem
11. Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)

Much like Zeppelin, their album showcases a range of different styles, this alone boasts impressive musicianship. From the riff-based, groove tracks "When The Curtain Falls" and "The Cold Wind" to songs like "Age Of Man" and "Watching Over" which focus more heavily on epic, towering vocals. They also delve into a softer tone on tracks like "You're The One" and "Anthem". 

With a relatively small collection of songs under their belt, do yourself a favour and listen through their discography - the band has even made this into a playlist 'Greta Van Fleet Complete' on Spotify to make it easy for you!

The young Rockers will be heading Down Under in January and February 2019 for the appropriately named 'March Of The Peaceful Army' international tour, read more about the tour announcement here

Check out 'This Week In Rock' below as Cassie discusses Greta Van Fleet's first tour of Australia, live from the iconic Sunset Strip in Hollywood! 

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