Grinspoon Prove They’re Still Relevant In 2017

Live review

Grinspoon Prove They’re Still Relevant In 2017

Image: Melbrockpix 

Grinspoon are back!

It’s hard to imagine these ‘fine looking fellows’ have been playing these Aussie rock hits for over 20 years now!

The performance level was ‘just ace’ and the band showed no signs of being off the road and off the stage for 4 years.

Celebrating their debut album, Guide To A Better Living’s 20th anniversary, the band sold out the Margaret Court Arena, or as they renamed ‘Marriage Equality Arena’ in Melbourne, the 2nd of 32 date tour- proving the importance this record and band has for music fans across the country.

Kicking off with the heavy tune Pressure Tested 1984, the crowd were instantly taken back to 1997, where they were once a sweaty teen in a festival mosh rocking out to this heavy rock four piece.

After the album finished, the band had a short break before coming out for an encore of greatest hits, reminding us the depth of sound this band had to offer- kicking it off with frontman Phil Jamieson on an acoustic guitar out the back of the venue, before the #1 hit Chemical Heart took us on a rocking journey of these ‘Champions’ 22 year career. 


Pressure Tested 1984
DC X 3
Just Ace
Post Enebriated Anxiety
Don't Go Away
Balding Matters
Bad Funk Stripe

It’s a hard act to follow, but we’re happy they're back!

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