Henry Rollins To Take Over Triple M For Tough Conversations

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Henry Rollins To Take Over Triple M For Tough Conversations Image: Henry Rollins, provided

Touring the country having tough conversations with Aussie’s, Henry Rollins is dropping into to Triple M to take over your radio this Sunday, April 15 at 7pm! 

The iconic punk rocker, now renown activist is traveling around Australia to have tough conversations with Australians from all walks of life as he probes, questions, uncover and observe what tough means to Australians today and we've convinced him to take over your radios for an hour.

The L.A based celebrity, musician, radio personality, actor will be sharing with us his experiences touring Australia with Mercedes and picking the music for Triple M listeners.

Check out his time on the road:

Rollins dropped into Triple M Sydney’s The Grill Team, Rollins reflect on Australia; “I’ve been all over the world, I’ve never seen a more outwardly macho culture”.

Catch up:

The music icon joined Kennedy Molloy and shared with them his love for the Aussie punk band, Sunnyboys.


Follow the journey of Henry Rollins as he drives around Australia in the X-Class  to have some Tough Conversations:

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Listen to Henry Rollins Tough Conversations: Sunday 15th April
 at 7pm on Triple M Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or on our digital stations Triple M Classic Rock Digital and Triple M Modern Digital
Listen: play.triplem.com.au