Here Are The Albums Triple M's Becko Listened To Non-Stop During The Nineties

This is really self-indulgent.

Here Are The Albums Triple M's Becko Listened To Non-Stop During The Nineties

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This is really self indulgent but Becko has shared his picks below, some of the albums he listened to non-stop in the 90s.

Triple M is playing songs from the 50 Greatest Rock Albums of the 90s. It’s the #Generation90s Vinyl Countdown, starting tomorrow at 9am on Triple M Sydney and Triple M Melbourne. 

Live - Throwing Copper

This album these days is a guilty pleasure, but my god I remember listening to it for the first time and EVERY song was a killer.

Even the album tracks like the “Dam at Otter Creek” or “White, Discussion” were so memorable. It’s a bit of a radio mainstream album, but what’s wrong with that? 

Stone Temple Pilots – Purple

I rediscovered this when we lost Scott Weiland. I went back and listened to Interstate Love song… "Big Empty", "Vasoline"... What a talent.

The Verve – Urban Hymns

This album is a masterpiece, beginning to end. The one thing about this album, I think about what a waste it was to have the success of a number one album, millions of copies sold – only to lose it all due to a copyright dispute with the Rolling Stones ("Bitter Sweet Symphony").

The album had a great sound, the riffs and the deep production – something that couldn’t be recreated when Richard Ashcroft went solo.

Offspring -  Smash

F**k yeahhhhh! That’s all I can say. I hung out with a skater crowd for a while in High School, they got me on this album.

"Self Esteem", "Nitro", "Bad Habit"! It’s been so good to see them at gigs as a more respectable adult, yelling out “You stupid, dumb shit, god damn.. Motherfucker!!”

Oasis – Definitely Maybe

What a debut… I remember hearing “Supersonic” for the first time. That was my first taste of this badass band. What a song.

“Live forever” and “Cigarettes and Alcohol”... Worth going back and listening to the whole thing.

Honourable mentions

Silverchair Frogstomp, The Whitlams Eternal Nightclub and Pearl Jam Vitalogy.