It's 30 Years Since Appetite For Destruction Was Released

We Break It Down

It's 30 Years Since Appetite For Destruction Was Released

Make no mistake. This album was an absolute monster, a worldwide smash and one of the great debut album releases of all time. Appetite For Destruction gave the hard rock genre a serious shot in the arm, and put rock back in the hearts, minds and hips of music lovers everywhere.

Original Release Date: July 21, 1987

Peak Chart Positions:

  • Australia: 7
  • US: 1
  • UK: 5

The Track Listing


5 Things You Might Not Know About Appetite For Destruction?

  1. The album was out for almost a full year before it topped the US charts. When it hit number 1 (finally), it spent a total of 4 weeks there.
  2. On the cassette and vinyl pressings of the album, the sides were labelled G and R. The G (Guns) featured all the songs about drugs, violence and life in a big city (Welcome to The Jungle through to Paradise City), whilst the R (Roses) side featured the songs about sex, love and relationships.
  3. The album's cover wasn't the original one intended by the band. The original cover art was based on Robert Williams' painting Appetite for Destruction, and depicted a robotic rapist about to be punished by a metal avenger. Due to several retailers refusal to stock the album, a compromise had to be made.

    The compromise was the one we all know, which depicts a Celtic cross complete with the skulls of each of the five band members. Izzy Stradlin, top skull; Steven Adler, left skull; Axl Rose, centre skull; Duff McKagan, right skull; and Slash, bottom skull.
  4. A few Gunners songs you no doubt know were left off the debut album, including "You Could Be Mine", "November Rain" and "Don't Cry". Obviously, they made the cut for subsequent Gunners classics.
  5. Paul Stanley from Kiss was a serious consideration as producer of this album. Reportedly, he was ultimately rejected after suggesting Steven Adler change his drum setup and making some suggested changes to the songs themselves.

    Mike Clink was the eventual producer, and obviously it was a choice that worked for everyone. He ended up producing every album up until Chinese Democracy

Living It Live

We've done some asking around and a few hardcore Gunners fans we know reckon this Youtube clip sums up just how bloody good the Gunners were live around the time of Appetite's release. Enjoy!!!


Our Chat With Slash

When the album turned 25, Becko spoke with Slash about Appetite. Get some exclusive grabs from the man himself here.

Triple M's Massive Appetite For Destruction Special

Triple M will be playing Appetite For Destruction in full on Friday night after the footy (9pm on Triple M Sydney and Triple M Brisbane) and (11pm on Triple M Melbourne and Triple M Adelaide)

The album will be played from start-to-finish alongside an exclusive interview with Slash. Listen live or via the Triple M App.

Written by: @dantheinternut