Izzy Stradlin Opens Up About Guns N’ Roses Reunion

Not in this lifetime

Izzy Stradlin Opens Up About Guns N’ Roses Reunion Image: Guns N' Roses, Izzy Stradlin second from right

Original Guns N’ Roses guitarist has finally talked about not being involved in the reunion.

Opening up to The Wall Street Journal about the Gunners tour, Izzy said he wasn’t involved due to not agreeing with the deal, saying;

“My non-participation was simply not being able to reach a happy middle ground through the negotiation process. That’s life, sometimes things don’t work out”.

Izzy took to twitter in 2016 to let fans know he won’t be involved in the Not In This Lifetime tour, but the tweets have since been deleted.

Touring Australia this month, original drummer Steven Adler discussed why he wasn’t in the reformed line-up on Triple M Melbourne’s The Hot Breakfast, saying the decision was up to Axl Rose’s manager.


Guns N’ Roses are re-releasing Appetite For Destruction next month and have just dropped the previously unreleased music video for It’s So Easy.
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