Melbourne Got A Malcolm Young Mural Overnight

We salute you

Melbourne Got A Malcolm Young Mural Overnight Image:

A touching, yet cheeky mural of Malcolm Young has gone up in Melbourne’s AC/DC Lane overnight.

The portrait of the late AC/DC guitarist went up last night in the iconic Melbourne lane, with a cheeky spin, in true AC/DC form.


AC/DC Lane is the home of the infamous rock venue Cherry Bar that was filled with fans yesterday paying tribute to the late Malcolm and will no doubt have more tributes to the AC/DC guitarist throughout the next few weeks. 

Cherry Bar owner and personality James Young paid his respects to Malcolm yesterday, read here

The portrait is by Lushsux, the same artist who did the portrait of Chester Bennington (see here)

Malcolm Young passed away Saturday night after suffering from Dementia for several years, just four weeks after his brother George Young.

 Listen to Molly Meldrum talk about Malcolm Young: