Midnight Oil Really Love Aussie Music

The Great Circle tour

Midnight Oil Really Love Aussie Music

Image: Midnight Oil, www.facebook.com/midnightoil

It’s no secret Aussies love Midnight Oil, but only with the announcement of The Great Circle tour did we realise just how much The Oils love Aussie rock.

On their HUGE 22 date Australian tour the band have a whopping 23 Australian rock bands supporting them across the country.

Check out our HUGE playlist made up of the Oils support acts:

For full date and band listings click here

Midnight Oil are playing live at the Great Barrier Reef in a Triple M only gig this October.
From Monday August 14, listen every hour of your work day to 40-minute non-stop Triple M and when we play the right Oils song, call 1 33 53 to win your tickets.

For a better chance to win sign up to Triple M Club in your city as Triple M Club members get more.