Politically Incorrect Bands That Need To Change Their Name

I am offended!

Politically Incorrect Bands That Need To Change Their Name

PETA wants Aussie rock band Hunters & Collectors to change its name.

The Australian head of campaigns for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has written to the members of the iconic rock group urging them to make a name change to "discourage people from hunting animals".

It struck us that there were other band names that need to change their name due to political correctness...

BAND: Smashing Pumpkins

Complainant: The Vegan Society of Australia

Reasons: Pumpkins have feelings too.

BAND: Blind Melon 

Complainant: Vision Australia

Reason: Insensitive to the vision impaired.

BAND: Live 

Complainant: Australian Funeral Directors Association

Reason: Offensive to dead people

BAND: Guns N’ Roses

Complainant: Gun Control Australia

Reason: Promoting an appetite for destruction.

BAND: Cake 

Complainant: The Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society 

Reason: Too tempting for fatties. 

BAND: Regurgitator

Complainant: Eating Disorders Association Inc 

Reason: Unnecessary reminder for those with eating disorders.

BAND: Bush 

Complainant: Hair & Beauty Industry Association

Reason: Offensive to those who wax.