Pearl Jam Have Dropped A Surprise Single

New tune!

Pearl Jam Have Dropped A Surprise Single Image: Getty

Legendary rockers Pearl Jam have dropped a surprise single — their first in five years.

Called “Can’t Deny Me”, the new track is a stomping, politically charged rocker that appears to take some pot shots at Donald Trump.

The song has been made available to the band’s fan club — Ten Club — although there appears to be no way to stream the song in Australia as yet (thanks local copyright laws).

The band has made a snippet of the song available on Twitter, which you can listen to here:



With lyrics like “You may be rich but you can’t deny me/got nothing but the will to survive,” and “The country you are representing/condition critical,” it's not hard to figure out who they’re making pointed references to.

It’s the first song Pearl Jam have released since their 2013 album Lightning Bolt, and comes on the day bassist Jeff Ament turns 55.

Hear the new single Can't Deny Me on Kennedy Molloy today, listen: