Plans Set For INXS Museum On North Coast Of NSW

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Plans Set For INXS Museum On North Coast Of NSW Getty Images

INXS fans from all over the world might be making a pilgrimage to a little town on the northern coast of NSW called Ballina, if INXS' manager Chris M Murphy gets his wish.

The legendary Aussie band's long-time manager has presented an ambitious plan to build a museum dedicated to the life and times of INXS, in Ballina, a short drive from Byron Bay.

Just this week, Murphy spoke at a meeting hosted by the Northern Rivers NSW Business Chamber, which was also attended by the Ballina Shire Council.

A 3D model was unveiled at the meeting, with the proposed building shaped in the form of a gigantic X.

Over time, Murphy's vision is to reportedly have extra buildings added, which will form the shapes of the letters I, N and S.



From what's been reported, Murphy has a massive collection of INXS memorabilia and collectibles, which will be housed within the new museum.

But that's not all. Reportedly, there are plans for visitors to climb a staircase into 'The Wembley Room', a room dedicated to arguably INXS' most famous gig, the Summer XS spectacle from July, 1991.

The one that sold over 70,000 seats and filled the famous stadium.



According to reports, despite the building's main purpose of celebrating the life and times of INXS, it will also function as a technological and entertainment hub, with opportunities for local musicians to utilise the area as well.

It's expected to attract international attention, thanks to the worldwide appeal of INXS and what they were able to achieve as a band based out of Australia. The fact that the proposed site will reside in close proximity to the Ballina-Byron Gateway Airport will no doubt aid the ease of access for international fans of the band.

If all goes to plan, there's every chance that the museum will open in 2019, on the back of a huge international buzz campaign. We'll keep our eyes and ears open.


Written by: @dantheinternut