Remember That Time The Screaming Jets Got Kicked Off A Flight For Singing A Kids' Song?

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Remember That Time The Screaming Jets Got Kicked Off A Flight For Singing A Kids' Song? The Screaming Jets

Is there anything more rock n' roll than being chucked off a domestic flight at 7.30am?

The year was 2000 and Australia's press had gathered at Brisbane airport to document Impulse Airline's inaugural Brisbane-to-Sydney flight.

But TV crews caught more than they bargained for as the plane, which had taxied almost to the end of the runway, did an about-turn and headed straight back to the terminal.

Why? Because The Screaming Jets, who just happened to be taking that very flight home after wrapping up an epic tour, had to be kicked off for rowdy and drunken behaviour.

"We had been tour for quite a while and we were finishing up in Queensland," lead singer Dave Gleeson told Rockwired afterwards.

"Our flight was at 7.30am and we got back to the hotel at 3.30am and being the responsible members of the public that we are, we decided that we didn't want to miss the plane.

"So we decided that we were going to stay up instead of going to bed and obviously all of the problems that come along with staying up late."

As the band rocked up to the airport - "we all had too much to drink" - so did the media and it all went downhill from there.

"We had no idea that it was Impulse Airlines' first flight and there was a huge PR plug going on there," Gleeson continued. 

"In the end, we got kicked off the plane for singing Puff the Magic Dragon for some reason. If you've had too many beers on board you'll sing anything.

"The TV crews were all there waiting for the plane to leave and when they saw that the plane was coming back, they figured 'There has got to be a story here'.

And what a story it was. Puff the Magic Dragon? Sounds about right.

After the band were escorted from the plane by Australian Protective Services, the remaining 110 passengers returned to the runway and eventually took off more than an hour later.

Almost 20 years later and The Screaming Jets are still tearing up the music scene; tickets to their upcoming Sydney and Queensland gigs are still available here.

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