Remembering David Bowie

Two years on

Remembering David Bowie Image: David Bowie

It’s been two years since we lost the great David Bowie.

The news stopped the world and left the music community mourning.... let’s be honest we still are.

Just two days after his 69th birthday and two days after the release of his award winning record Blackstar, the news was a huge shock 

Listen to Triple M’s reaction of the news: 

Gone but definitely not forgotten, in the time since Bowie farewelled the world, his legacy has lived on.

We look at the top reflections of the star since his passing;

5. Gang Of Youths tribute;
The Sydney band took on the Bowie classic for the Justice League soundtrack in 2017.
Listen here

4. U2 dedicate their new album to the musician;
The new album Songs Of Experience is a dedication to the late musician.
See the touching post from Bowie’s wife, Iman:


3. Slash remembers;
It’s easy to see the strong influence David Bowie had on this rock god as he dated Slash's mother when he was a child.

2. The Killers classic cover;
Touring for their new record Wonderful Wonderful, it seemed the Las Vegas rock band were born to take on Bowie with their cover of Bowie’s hit Fame.
Watch here

1. Still topping the charts;
The late musicians NO PLANS EP was the #1 selling vinyl in the UK for 2017.


Triple M pays tribute to David Bowie remembering the artist, listen to Triple M in your city during the workday. 

Rest in Peace Legend.