Rock Musicians Make More Money Than Pop Stars

Hell yeah!

Rock Musicians Make More Money Than Pop Stars

Image: Bruce Springsteen

Despite their age the stats have come in and rock musicians are making more money than the younger pop stars.

The huge profit is coming from live performance, with artists over 50 represent half of the $4.5 billion generated by last year’s top 100-grossing tours according to Pollstar.

Of the top 10, they key players are over 50, including Bruce Springsteen (67), Guns N’ Roses (average age 53) and the Rolling Stones (73).

Bruce Springsteen, 67, had the highest earning  tour last year, bringing in $268 million, while the youngest artist in the top 10, Justin Bieber, brought in $163 million, less than 40% of Bruce Springsteen income, and Bruce plays over 2 hours each night!

And although these classic performers are ageing, we still have plenty of the classics still alive and working harder than ever and although bulk of the audience is made up of those of a similar age range to those musicians, there is a strong presence and influence on the younger audiences.

Watch, this young audience member perform with Bruce Springsteen in Brisbane earlier this year:

This year Australia has already been treated to Bruce Springsteen and Guns N' Roses tour, with plenty more to look forward to later this year.

So the conclusion? Rock music rule!