Stereophonics Live At The Sydney Opera House

Live review

Stereophonics Live At The Sydney Opera House Image: Stereophonics, supplied

Stereophonics return to Australia saw the band play the iconic Sydney Opera House.

We sent Triple M's Sammy X along:

It feels like Stereophonics have always been around. Out of all the concerts I have seen over the years, I reckon I have seen the Stereophonics the most amount of times.

From a tiny over-crowded venue in Brisbane to arenas in the UK- I’ve seen them all – so when I saw they were playing a beautiful and iconic venue like The Sydney Opera House, I jumped at the chance to go.

As you’d expect, the British expats were out in full force and I spied a couple of Welsh flags in the crowd, which could explain why when singer Kelly Jones and co kicked off their set with The Bartender and The Thief it seemed like everyone knew all the words.

The venue was full and despite being all seated, most people stood up for most of the night.

The 26-song set did not disappoint and they played all the hits that you’d expect like Have A Nice Day, Handbags And Gladrags, Just Looking.

The highlight for me came before their last song before the encore, when they spied Triple M’s very own Ugly Phil deep in the crowd and dedicated Local By In A Photograph to him.
What a moment!

Crowd-pleaser C’est La Vie kicked off the encore to the jumping audience’s delight and the show finished with firm favourite Dakota.

Stereophonics are touring nationally.

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