The Rolling Stones Musical In The Works

Is there anything they won’t do?

The Rolling Stones Musical In The Works


The rock band who has their finger in every money making pie is now breaking into the world of musical theatre.

Tv3 reported theatre producers in London’s West End are holding secret workshops to audition the cast for this rock story.

With a career spanning from 1962 to now it seems like there’s a lot of tales to be told in the story and hearing those classic songs on the big stage will be unforgettable.

The Stones are following in the footsteps of Queen and Green Day who have both brought their music to Broadway and then to Australian stages.

It’s not known if the band will be involved in the show, but if this live clip is anything to go off these classic rockers would put on a great show if they did.


Watch this space for more on The Rolling Stones musical.