The Songs That Just Scream Australia

Celebrate this great country

We’ve been sitting around the office today, pumped for another great Australian Day.

We got chatting about those songs that are quintessentially Australian. The ones that might not be radio staples, but ones that absolutely take you to thoughts and dreams about this bloody magnificent country.

We've purposely left out the ones that your grandparents probably grew up on... Road To Gundagai, Waltzing Matilda, etc.

We also purposely picked live tracks, just to prove that Aussies can mix it with the world.

So, with that in mind, we present 11 (well, 13) songs that say Australia like no-one else.

Great Southern Land - Icehouse

Okay, we’ll start with a cliche. But why bloody not? This song is by a great Aussie band that should have done much more on the world stage. Their loss.


Australia - Gyroscope

Underrated song by an underrated band. Bloody grouse!!!


Melting In The Sun - INXS

A belter of a rock track off arguably their most “Aussie” album, The Swing. The Hutchence growl as he proclaims “…And I really love this country”, just awesome.


Power And The Passion - Midnight Oil

Anything Midnight Oil could probably make this list, but this song. So much Aussie pop-culture in the one song. Go Pete and boys.


Tojo - Hoodoo Gurus

Another classic Aussie tune by a classic Aussie band. The song that references THAT cyclone in Darwin!


Down Under - Men At Work

If you’re talking cliches, this could be the ultimate. The title says it all. But that matters not, as this truly took on the world and won! Check out how the crowd goes off.


From Little Things Big Things Grow - Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly just had to have one song on this list, and we reckon this is perfect. Political overtones, an underdog story and Paul Kelly. This one with a little Kev Carmody thrown in as well. Love it!


Deep Water - Richard Clapton

Richard Clapton, one of Aussie’s great songwriters, knew he was on a good thing when he wrote this classic. A few little Sydney references in there for good measure. We could have also included “Down In The Lucky Country” for this list, but we love this song so much.


Bow River - Cold Chisel

Oh God. A Chisel classic! Like Midnight Oil, there’s so much of their stuff that could fit on this list.


Pub With No Beer - Slim Dusty

A classic.


I Still Call Australia Home - Peter Allen

This song! Enough said!


So they're the songs that have some sort of Aussie reference in there, but there's a couple that we just have to mention for being Aussie anthems.

You're The Voice - John Farnham

It would be un-Australian to leave this one out.


Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again - The Angels

Arguably the Aussiest rock anthem.


We know there's probably something we've left out, so if we did, we're bloody sorry!

Written by: @DanTheInternut