The Superjesus Are Back - And It's Like They Never Left!

What a band

The Superjesus Are Back - And It's Like They Never Left! Jaz Meadows Photography

When news hit that seminal Australian rock band The Superjesus were touring, the buzz around the Triple M offices was electric.

Here's what went down when they hit the Max Watt's stage in Melbourne recently!

The Superjesus came onto stage and were blown away by the amount of love from the crowd. You’d have been forgiven for mistaking it for a hometown show, and the promise that this time, they’re back for good made people even happier. 

Performing 2 sets, firstly from seminal debut album Sumo, and also a greatest hits set, the band seemed like they hadn’t missed a beat in their time away. It’s hard enough to find a band as tight as the Superjesus, and the fact that they’ve been away for so long before returning makes it all the more impressive.

A surprise Kylie Minogue cover, Confide By Me, had the crowd in raptures, but it was the songs from Sumo that had people hooked in. It’s not often that you hear an audience singing along to guitar riffs, but it’s often a sign of a world-class performance. We’re glad the Superjesus are back, and we don’t want to wait so long to see them live next time!

You can check out photos from the show here:


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