Top 10 Aussie Women In Rock

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Top 10 Aussie Women In Rock


In rock music we celebrate and admire musicians regardless of gender but simply because they rock.

Saying that, we’ve put together a list of 10 Aussie women we think rock:

Janet English.

The Spiderbait bass guitarist and vocalist has been rockin’ Aussie stages since the 90s.
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Stephanie Ashworth.

Melbourne based rock band Something For Kate are not only known for the hear felt tunes but amazing artwork to match.
The bands bass player Steph is to that for not only the musical beauty, but the bands visual beauty.

Ella Hooper.

She rose to fame in her teens fronting the band formed with her brother, Killing Heidi.
The now early 30s Aussie is well known as a presenter, solo artist, fashionista and now back rocking out with Killing Heidi as the band celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band.

Suze DeMarchi.
Baby Animals have proved their place in the Aus rock scene, touring the world and recently touring nationally reliving the 90s rock sound they created.

Sarah McLeod.

The Superjesus singer, well know for her soulful rock voice climbed the charts and is still a staple of the Triple M playlist today.

Chrissy Amphlett.

In 1980 in Sydney one of our countries greatest rock bands was born.
Divinyls changed the rock scene as we knew it and the electric front woman, Chrissy Amphlett redefined the role of a front person.

Hayley Mary and Heather Shannon.

These two ladies, make up half of Sydney based band The Jezabels who have made huge waves both here in Australia and overseas.

Vanessa Thorton.

Perth in the 90s was a magic time and the music coming from this sleepy city was lead by punk rockers Jedediah and the glue that keeps this band rocking is bass player Vanessa.


Taking influence from the classic Aussie pub rockers, Magic Dirt’s Adalita rocked out the Australian festival circuit and has now topped the charts with her solo endeavours.

Fiona Horne.

Def FX, front woman who carved a new sound of rock in the 90s is back with her band on a HUGE national tour.
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