WATCH: Kids React To Guns N’ Roses


WATCH: Kids React To Guns N’ Roses


In the hilarious Youtube series Kids React To, the latest episode see’s kids react to Guns N’ Roses.

In the Youtube clip, a bunch of kids from different ages and backgrounds are exposed to the classic rock band, where most kids are confused by the band name and can’t believe they made music 30 years ago!

When listening to the bands debut Appetite for Destruction, the kids reacted saying;  "This is to loud", "he sounds like he has long hair" and even winning over fans "WOW this is my new favourite band", "oh my gosh I’m totally listening to Guns N’ Roses more often" and "That was mind blowing".

But it wasn’t all positive, some kids said: "He said bleed- so not cool" and "Who likes this"?

When seeing a photo of the band the reactions were great: "Slash has a cigarette, it’s not good for you bro" and "they’re posing like they’re cool, but they’re not to me".

Watch the full episode here: