WATCH: The Living End’s Hilarious New Film Clip

Best 6 minutes of your day

WATCH: The Living End’s Hilarious New Film Clip Image: The Living End,

This week the Aussie rock band have been dropping teasers, but now the video is finally here.

The brand new film clip from The Living End is here and the funniest 6 minutes you’ll watch today.

The Don’t Lose It video, takes the piss out of the reality TV talent shows, with the band playing the role of the fussy judges. Given The Living End are the biggest punk band in the country, they are the perfect guys to take the piss out of the talent show hype that is sweeping the nation.

There’s a few familiar faces in the clip, with Triple M’s Eddie McGuire, Jane Gazzo and The Grill Team’s Matty Johns and Pagey, with rock royalty Jimmy Barnes, Molly Meldrum and even Daryl Braithwaite.

Listen to The Hot Breakfast talk about the new clip:


Did you ever think you'd see Eddie as a Collingwood nuffy, Matty Johns and Pagey riding each other in a very 'Village People' costume and Daryl Braithwaite riding a horse?



Don’t Lose It is the first single off The Living End’s new album Wunderbar, released worldwide September 28th.

Click here for more info, to pre-order and full tour details for the Wunderbar National Tour.

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