Will ‘Life Is Fine’ Be Paul Kelly’s First #1 Record?

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Will ‘Life Is Fine’ Be Paul Kelly’s First #1 Record?

Image: Paul Kelly, supplied

He’s an Aussie icon, he’s a household name yet Paul Kelly has never topped the charts.

The musician who has soundtracked the country since his first live performance in 1974 has headed playlists, headlined music festivals and even soundtracked weddings, funerals and birthday’s yet he’s never had a #1 record.

It’s the eve of the release of his 23rd album, Life is Fine and it seems this national treasure deserves the top spot.

Life is Fine makes a return to Kelly’s rock’n’roll roots.

Talking about the record Kelly says;

“I knew I wanted it to be an upbeat record. We worked with Steve Schram, who engineered and co-produced. He likes to work really fast and get the performance of the band live in the studio, vocals and all at the same time. There are lots of different ways to make records but that’s the way I like to do it now.”

The latest single from the album, Firewood and Candles is pushing 88,000 listens on Spotify and 2,000 on Youtube so it’s proof the Aussie music legend is loved.



We want to see PK #1 at last.

Life is Fine is available for pre-order here

Life is Fine is out Friday 11th August, more info available here