Clowns Reveal Dave Grohl’s Dark Secret!

Fooies’ frontman has a serious addiction

Clowns Reveal Dave Grohl’s Dark Secret!

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is widely considered to be the nice guy of rock ’n’ roll. 

He makes awesome music with one of the world’s most popular bands, loves to have a laugh, doesn’t take himself too seriously and seems like an all-round top bloke.

However, Melbourne punk band Clowns have blown the cover on Grohl’s supposedly squeaky clean image!

Vocalist Stevie Williams and drummer Jake Laderman have dropped a bombshell on Triple M that is sure to send reverberations around the music world – Dave Grohl is addicted to Dorito’s! 

**(Warning: Audio contains coarse language)

And not only that, but the former Nirvana drummer doesn’t clean his hands after a Dorito’s session! 

The fellas from Clowns would know, too, because they opened for the Foo Fighters at their Etihad Stadium show in Melbourne earlier this year. 

“He has a real hankering for cheese Dorito’s, and when he came and gave Jake a hug, he left these little cheese fingerprints on his back,” Williams told Triple M.

“He’s just eating cheese Dorito’s the whole f**king time! Do what you’ve got to do man but wash your hands before you give someone a hug!

“Nobody’s perfect, he’s a rock star, he doesn’t f**king care but thanks Dave Grohl and I’m really sorry for letting that loose on Triple M.”

Laderman added: “The secret’s out - He loves cheese Dorito’s!”