LISTEN: The Cult Open Up About Bowie, Michael Hutchence and The Doors

Triple M exclusive interview

LISTEN: The Cult Open Up About Bowie, Michael Hutchence and The Doors


Whilst in Australia as part of a huge national tour, UK rockers The Cult dropped into Triple M’s The Rubber Room to have a chat with Ugly Phil.


The legendary rockers sure do have a colourful history, from being friends with INXS singer Michael Hutchence, to taking a chance on a young Guns N’ Roses and the reunion with The Doors. The Cult singer Ian Astbury opened up about it all.

Astbury revealed he saw a very young Gunners live and invited them to join The Cult on tour back in 1987, which was a great opening for the little band at that time saying “I just saw them and was blown away”- after that tour the Gunners career took off- this tour being the start of the whirl wind we know as Guns N’ Roses.

As if having Guns N’ Roses open for you isn’t impressive enough, that same year the band toured with Iggy Pop and the late David Bowie.

On the loss of Bowie, Astbury revealed “I felt like the roof had come off the house, I’d always looked to him since I was 10 years old for inspiration".

Astbury with Bowie:



Another great loss for Astbury was his good friend, Michael Hutchence.

Reflecting on the charismatic singer, Astbury remembers Hutchence as a ‘gentleman’ and really felt for him for how the media treated him. Having last saw him only a week prior to his tragic death.

On the once in a lifetime event where Astbury fronted The Doors in 2002, Astbury being a huge fan of the late singer, Jim Morrison, he said the conversation of him singing with The Doors was going on for 12 years and our own Michael Hutchence was a contender for the gig.

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The Cult are touring their 10th studio album, Hidden City.

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