ROCK INTERVIEW: Scott Darlow On How He Celebrates Australia Day

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ROCK INTERVIEW: Scott Darlow On How He Celebrates Australia Day Image: Scott Darlow,

Triple M’s Rosie Walton chatted to Australian, Home Grown musician Scott Darlow following the release of his real and touching single, Sorry.

The Melbourne based singer/ songwriter is not afraid of hard work.

Darlow is constantly on the road, doing the interview down the line from an airport in London.

The new single, Sorry, which you can hear on Triple M is one Darlow has always known was strong song, having written it over 15 years ago.

The indigenous Australian is so proud that his song, with traditional language and didgeridoo has finally gotten the respect he knew it deserved.

Listen to Sorry LIVE:


When asked if he will celebrate Australia Day, Darlow suggests finding a day everyone can celebrate, like May 8th, a day to celebrate your mates saying;

“Let’s have it on a day where everybody gets to have a party, give each other a cuddle, buy each other a slab of VB cans and say ‘How good’s this country?’ because we all want to celebrate it”.

On the current Australia Day, Darlow says;

“There’s a big mob of people who say, this day hurts. We’re not trying to take anything away from you”.

Listen to the full interview:

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked to Darlow, he was making headlines last year over his approach to racism, read more here

You can hear Scott Darlow’s sorry on Triple M or stream on the app.

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