Tex Perkins Releases Tell All Book

True rock stories

Image: Tex Perkins

Aussie rock legend, Tex Perkins joined JB & Billy on The Rush Hour to promote his biography,but the boys almost brought the hard edged rock singer to tears.


How to make a rock god teary? Bring up the mighty Saints.


The rock’n’roll animal was how you’d expect; loud, uncut and we’re proud to claim him as our own.

Keeping the pub rock flame alive with The Cruel Sea, the book tells of his many bands, tours and rock star mates.

Listen to the interview:

Tex By Tex Perkins is available in stores now.
More info available here

Catch Tex Perkins LIVE, Tex, Don & Charlie more info available here

Tex is part of The Easybeats tribute tour later this year, click here