2000 FREE Burgers Are Up For Grabs In Adelaide

From 11am TODAY ONLY!

2000 FREE Burgers Are Up For Grabs In Adelaide

Brace yourselves... For one day only, Uber Eats are officially holding a FREE BURGER DAY.

You've read this right... delicious, mouthwatering FREE burgers available FOR FREE from all your favourite burger joints across Adelaide through Uber Eats.

Details on how to get free burgers today:

Today is Pancake Day and we were going to give out free pancakes, but just like Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway at the Oscars yesterday, we've read the wrong envelope. Without further ado, we'd like to announce: Free Burger Day!

Simply tap into the UberEATS app to request your free burger from some of Adelaide's best burger joints including Nordburger, Burger Theory, Burger Foundry, Sugar Shack Diner, The Taxpayer and Feed Jetty Road.

There's 2,000 free burgers up from grabs from 11am until sold out, and a $5 booking fee applies.

New to UberEATS? Use the promo code FREEBURGERSADL for $10 off your first order until Monday, 13 March.


Get on this people! Free burgers won't last for long - expect the demand to be at an all time high.