Fiancé Of Accused Drug-Mule Cassie Sainsbury Speaks Out

"It is extremely stressful for her"

Fiancé Of Accused Drug-Mule Cassie Sainsbury Speaks Out

The fiancé of accused Adelaide drug-mule Cassie Sainsbury says he knows she's not involved in the drug trade.

Scott Bainbridge has fronted the media, admitting there are lots of unanswered questions but he's working with lawyers to answer them. 

'Cas is a delight of my life, I know that she's not involved in the drug trade and know that she was not deliberately taking drugs or carrying drugs anywhere'.  

He's also revealed he hopes to get over to Colombia soon where Cassie is hauled up in a Bogota prison after being found with almost six kilos of cocaine.

'It is extremely stressful for her, but we are able to talk almost every day and that is a great comfort for both of us' he said.

Scott's Adelaide lawyer Stephen Kenny says reports that the 22 year old from Moana is struggling mentally and emotionally are false.

He spoke with her this morning, albeit briefly.

Kenny, who once represented David Hicks, has taken the case pro bono and hopes to work with some legal connections in Colombia to help the couple out.

Earlier it was reported that Australian diplomats are working on a jail swap that would see Cassie serve her almost-certain sentence back home.

Her fiancé says 'she is concerned about the conditions of the jail which are not ideal and it is very difficult for her, not knowing anyone in the country'.