Less South Aussies Are Lighting Up

Lowest Rates We've Ever Seen

Less South Aussies Are Lighting Up

The no-smoking message seems to be getting through.

The number of smokers in SA has dropped from around 20% to 15%

While fewer young people, aged 15-29 have picked up the habit.

Our lowest ever rates are being put down to continued investment in high-quality, anti-smoking mass media campaigns that are well-researched.

Along with a higher tax on cigarettes, hard-hitting health warnings, smoke-free areas and the removal of tobacco promotion that appears to glamorise the use.

It's also good news for outdoor diners.

Exposure to passive smoke at alfresco dining areas has also fallen from around 14.8% to 8.6% 

More than 1,100 people die from smoking-related causes in our State every year.