More South Aussie Students Are Getting Suspended

Troublemakers Troubling Teachers

More South Aussie Students Are Getting Suspended

A heap of South Australian school kids are being suspended more than once a term and it's sparking calls for something to be done about it.

New stats show close to 1000 students who were banned from classrooms in Term 2 last year were suspended twice.

And more than 250 students were sent home at least three times.

All up 3773 students were handed suspensions in public schools for the term.

And about 40 per cent of behavioural issues are acts of threats of violence.

Reasons include not paying attention in class and violent attacks.

The chronic behaviour problems have sparked calls for dedicated learning centres.

With limited places, principals say current specialist behaviour centres are usually full by the end of the first term.

Behaviour focused learning centres for Reception through to Year 10 only cater for about 106 students.

But permanent expulsions which are allowed for students 16 and older are believed to be rare, with none having been recorded for many years.