Motorcycle Safety Shake-Up Slips Into Gear

Stopping the carnage

Motorcycle Safety Shake-Up Slips Into Gear

It's been a shocking year for motorbike fatalities on South Australian roads. 22 have lost a life this year - the equal worst in 23 years.

Compare that with 8 for all of last year and it's not surprising a licensing shake-up has become a serious priority in SA.

A graduated scheme similar to the P-plate system used by car drivers is one idea on the table.

"We've recently made changes to the licensing scheme for cars and (we're investigating) whether some of that should flow through to motorbikes," said Road Safety Minister Chris Picton.

Right now L-plate riders graduate after two years to a licence restricting only the power of the bike.

But there are a number of others a task force has come together to consider.

They include a new protective rider clothing star rating, enforcement crackdown and improved bike education.

There'd also be a review of funding allocated to road infrastructure improvements.

Talks began yesterday when speed and inexperience concerns were mentioned.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide's Centre for Automotive Safety have been asked for their input for any new scheme.

The task force known as the "Motorcycle Reference Group" will meet again early next year for more discussions.