Owners Of Ride That Killed Adelene Leong, 8, Plead Guilty

The incident happened in September 2014.

Owners Of Ride That Killed Adelene Leong, 8, Plead Guilty

Photo: Supplied by SA Police

A thrill ride owner has pleaded guilty to work safety breaches and faces significant fines after a Royal Adelaide Show ride flung a young girl to her death in 2014.

A Safework SA prosecutor told the Industrial Court on Tuesday that C, J & Sons Amusements Pty Ltd – the company behind the Airmaxx 360 ride – had insufficiently maintained the ride, that had also previously injured other children, ABC News reported.

Eight-year-old Malaysian national Adelene Leong died at the Wayville Showgrounds in September 2014 when she was ejected from the ride.

The devastated owner of the ride and company director Jenny-Lee Sullivan have pleaded guilty to failing to maintain the ride in a safe condition.

Safework SA prosecutor Stephanie Halliday told the court the defendants failed to properly maintain the ride, and did not adequately enforce appropriate safety standards after they bought the ride from a Spanish manufacturer in 2012.

Halliday questioned the safety of the belt mechanisms used on the ride, observing serious "design flaws" in that area alongside appropriate height recommendations for patrons using the ride.

She told the court that Airmaxx 360 ride log books designed to document routine repairs and servicing were not properly maintained by Sullivan or the company.

"This is a significant failing to maintain this device," she said.

The prosecution also said there had been other incidents of injuries to young patrons using the Airmaxx 360 in Victoria in 2013 and New South Wales in 2014.

"None of those incidents appeared in the log book [and that] reflects a lack of an appropriate system of work."