Power Outages As Huge Storms Hit Adelaide

Batten Down The Hatches!

Power Outages As Huge Storms Hit Adelaide

Storms have hit Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs today, sending parts of the city into darkness.

Power outages were first reported just before midday as storm clouds came over the city’s east.

Approximately 6,000 homes have been hit by power outages. Affected suburbs include Glenelg South, Glengowrie, North Brighton, Oaklands Park, Somerton Park, Warradale, Aberfoyle Park, Chandlers Hills, Happy Valley, Darlington, Flagstaff Hill and O’Halloran Hill.

SA Power Networks is working franticly to fix the problem, with reconnections expected from around 3:30pm this afternoon.

In related news, a man has been rushed to hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being indirectly struck by lightning.

The man was reportedly standing next to a metal road plate when it was hit by lightning, sending an electric shock through him.

He was taken by ambulance to the Flinders Medical Centre for treatment.

His injuries were not considered life-threatening.