Severe Weather Warning Issued For SA: Heavy Rainfall and Damaging Winds

Short lived warm temperatures

Severe Weather Warning Issued For SA: Heavy Rainfall and Damaging Winds
A warning from the CFS with a mixed bag of weather conditions set for SA.

They say a combination of heat, strong winds and high rainfall could cause problems for residents and their homes. We're being urged to prepare our homes for a variety of potential impacts with flooding a real possibility.

Sandbags will be available to prevent damage from flash floods and swollen creeks over the next few days.

The wild weather system is likely to bring with it 80ml forecast for the Mount Lofty Ranges. 

The downpour will follow extreme heat across most of the State with temps as high as 36 today. The CFS also strongly advise against camping in waterways and for parents to know their children's whereabouts during school holidays.

From BOM:

A front and associated upper trough will move into the far west of the State late on Thursday, then over western and southern districts during Friday morning. This front and upper trough will interact with high levels of moisture and develop into a rain band over the west on Thursday before extending over central and eastern districts early Friday morning. The rain band will then contract northwards and weaken later Friday morning before clearing during the afternoon.

Riverine and flash flooding, and road inundation are possible across the watch area later Thursday and Friday morning.

Weather Forecast:

Areas of rain and thunderstorms are forecast to develop in the North West Pastoral and West Coast districts during Thursday then extend over the remainder of the agricultural area later on Thursday and early Friday morning. Falls of 20 to 60 mm are forecast over parts of the North West Pastoral, West Coast, Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas, Kangaroo Island, Mid North and the Mount Lofty Ranges including Adelaide. Isolated falls of 60 to 80 mm are possible, most likely over the Mount Lofty Ranges early Friday morning.