Should Adelaide Oval Sell Its Naming Rights?

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Should Adelaide Oval Sell Its Naming Rights?

The new Perth Stadium has just sold its naming rights to Optus for $50million over the next ten years - is it time we do the same with Adelaide Oval?

The question was asked on both Roo & Ditts and Jars & Louie yesterday, with heated arguments on both sides.

As it stands, the only major sporting grounds in Australia that don't sell their naming rights are the five major cricket venues - the MCG, SCG, The Gabba, WACA, and Adelaide Oval.

Louie suggested that selling the naming rights to our City's iconic stadium could help ease the pain of rising food and beverage costs.


Roo was not a massive advocate for a name change of Adelaide Oval, but he suggested that he could be persuaded if the venue kept its traditional name with the sponsor attached to it, i.e. 'Coopers Adelaide Oval'.

So, should Adelaide Oval sell it's naming rights to the highest bidder, or should we keep it's traditional name? Let us know in the Facebook comments section.